Election Day 2012…

Today is the BIG DAY! ELECTION DAY 2012!!! 

I was very passionate about this day in 2008, but considering the running mate of our President this year I am really nervous! If you are my friend on facebook you know I have been running statuses all day on my personal page about voting! Although I am a fan of our President…I wont tell you just to vote for him…JUST GET OUT AND VOTE PERIOD!!!! People have fought and died for our right to vote…so please exercise your vote! And also educate yourself before you get out and vote to make sure you are making the correct choice! 

By reading my blog, Im sure you can tell I am a huge Michelle Obama fan!!! Especially a fan of her fashion sense! Now I know she probably has some help with a few outfits, but some of it is her own style! 

Check out a few pics below…

(courtesty of Mrs.O Blog)
Is this lady fabulous or what!!! 


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