Last Minute 4th of July Recipes


Many times we are so excited about the holidays in itself that we don’t think about how we are going to celebrate until the night before or the day of. Then the big question is “what are we going to bring” because you can’t show up to anyone’s house empty handed. I mean if you […]

Date Night & Tattoos


A few weeks ago Darrick and I celebrated his birthday. He is always pretty simple in his wishes of what he wants…this year he was adamant that he wanted to finish off his sleeve of tattoos. Its funny because he has changed so much since we have gotten together 6 years ago. I always tell […]

Circle K Polar Pop Cup {Giveaway & Sweepstakes}


¬† If you are like me you have a favorite gas station convenient store you like to stop at…for me it is Circle K! Maybe because I live within walking distance. We love getting gas from here as well as a snack or two when we stop for gas. How would you like to be […]

My Experience Running the Color Run {Cleveland}…


I have always been a plus size!¬†Even when I look back on my pictures from when I was younger, I wasn’t always plus size but I was always bigger than most of my friends. However, I never felt self-conscious about that until I got older, usually its the other way around…but this is the way […]

{Product Review} Minbie Bottle


Choosing the best bottle for your baby is a pretty big deal! With Emma our process was a little different; since she had a cleft lip and palate we used the best bottle that she could feed from. With Douglass we had a chance to try regular bottles on him to see which he fed […]

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