December 18, 2014

Preparing for One of the Hardest Days of My Life...

If you follow me on any of the Social Media Networks (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook) you probably have already heard or read that my son Darrick II went home to be with the Lord on December 14, 2014.

Last Sunday morning we called to check on Darrick as we have been doing for the last two months (well a little shy of two months), and we talked to doctor, usually the nurse gives the updates but we knew it wasnt good when every-time we called the doctor intercepted the call. We received the report a week before from the Cardiologist and NICU Chief Pediatrician of Darrick's condition; and it not progressing but actually deteriorating.  But as any parents you want to hold on as long as you can. So we decided to get through the Christmas holiday then make the big decision of when to take him off the machines. However, once we got the news of how his condition Sunday morning,  we knew we had to make the decision sooner rather than later. We called all our family here in town to meet us at the hospital to see Darrick before he was taken off the machines. 

We were able to bring in his siblings, and Darrick got a chance to be with his twin for the first time out of the womb and the last time together... and for the first time since I was pregnant I had the chance to feel my family complete (all 5 of us together), it was only for a short period but I THANK GOD we got that chance...

It is truly amazing the bond that twins have! Even though Darrick was heavily sedated when we brought his twin in, he opened his eyes a little like he knew he was with his brother again. Douglass curled up next to him and at one point he was hugging him and kissing his arm. It truly breaks my heart that they wont be able to grow up together, but I know he will forever be in his heart...because they are forever connected from their time in the womb together. 

In my ultrasound pictures the boys were always hugged up together, which is probably why Darrick's health problems were never detected. And even laying them side by side you could tell why Douglass (Baby B) was always cuddled on top of his brother...he was protecting him, we thought he was just being aggressive but he must've known he wasn't doing well and he hugged him the entire time he was in the womb. 

Isn't child birth and the development process amazing...

After the family came in and the photographer (a photographer from "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" a company that specializes in parents suffering the loss of a baby) left we had a chance to hold Darrick while he was taken off of the machines up until the point in which he took his last breath...he was in our arms. We kissed and loved on him for about 3 hours...

Tomorrow we are having a Memorial Service to Celebrate the
 Life of Darrick Vati Godbott II...

We affectionately called Darrick "Superman" after he had the Superman costume for Halloween. It fit him perfectly because of all that he endured during his short time here! He truly was our tomorrow we will say our last Goodbyes to our Superman! 

Rest in Heaven Superman...
Mommy, Daddy
Emma & Douglass 
Love You!

You will FOREVER be in our hearts! 

Please Keep Us Lifted in Prayer!!! 
This is by far the hardest thing I have EVER had to deal with in life! And as strong as I am on the outside, I am truly heartbroken on the inside...

December 11, 2014

Infant Stocking Stuffers... #BabyBananaBrush

I love buying small things for stocking stuffers, usually I buy way more than what goes in the stocking so I group it all together to make another gift. This year a perfect stocking stuffer for your infant is the Baby Banana Brush...

Let Me Explain... 

The Baby Banana Brush is 100% silicone teething toothbrushes for infants through 2 years old. Currently the #1 baby product on Amazon the Banana Brush helps the excitement of brushing and teething for your little ones. 

Anything that helps your little one focus on something other than teething is a bonus! I love the Baby Banana Brush because its small enough to take anywhere to keep your child busy, but big enough that they can't choke on it or get it stuck in their mouth. I wish these were around when Emma was younger because it would've helped her in wanting to brush her teeth (we went through that period after her palate was repaired that she didnt want to brush her teeth...and thats a no go in my household)!!! 

A Little Banana Brush History...
A few years ago, my two-year-old grandson tripped and fell on his toothbrush as he was trying to brush his teeth. The traditional hard plastic toothbrush punctured the roof of his mouth and came within centimeters of entering his brain. As a mother of 8, I knew that this all-to-common occurrence of babies falling on hard toothbrushes should be preventable, but how? As these questions were on my mind, I discussed them with my daughter-in-law, who is a dental hygienist and with her insight the idea for a flexible infant toothbrush was born.

She taught me about the safety specifications we would need, such as a slight "C" shape to our brush. We brainstormed about ideas of fun things that might fit that "C" shape and came up with the Banana! I had some experience from previous products my company was developing with plastics and other materials. I consulted with several engineers and determined that 100% medical grade silicone would be the best material to serve our "flexible" needs.Next, I went to Taiwan - the silicone capital of the world - in 2004. There I met with the company that would eventually become our manufacturer. We had our toothbrush FDA registered, patented and tested with private labs. We knew we had created something unique - a flexible toothbrush and teether in one - which did not exist in the market at that time.

We launched our product at the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists Convention in Washington, D.C. May 2008. There was lots of excitement for the product at this convention, and we began selling our toothbrush in pediatric dental offices and baby boutique stores.

Will you be adding a Baby Banana Brush
to your child's stocking this year??

December 10, 2014

Today is the 1st Day of the Rest of Your Life...

LOL...Okay well its not really that serious...but its serious! 

Toddler Bedtime...


Emma Renee has been giving us the BLUES!!! 

So here is the deal...when we came home with Douglass, Emma was doing good with going to bed. Then the last week everything just CHANGED and CHANGED in a big way! When it came time to go to bed Emma would flip out crying, screaming...and doing everything to stay up (one night she performed until well after midnight)...

This has been going on for a few days so I went to the internet to figure out ways to get her to go to sleep. I also asked a few moms to see what suggestions they had for us. 

I learned two things...


So the next morning after doing research I came up with a Bedtime Routine...

6pm: Dinner
Emma eats slow so dinner should last for about 30-45 mins

Time to Wind for the Night
*clean up toys
*put on pajamas
*bedtime story


We just started this routine...and even though she went to bed a little late Sunday night she did very well. The two major things I learned in my research is being consistent and making a schedule. I know we are all over the place right now because of Darrick II being in the hospital but I have to buckle down and plan ahead of time so bedtime can be pleasant and not a dreaded thing for the entire house! Before doing some research... I dreaded bedtime and I HATED how upset I was getting with Emma (because we have NEVER had an issue with sleep). I don't like her going to bed after getting in trouble! So I have since calmed myself down and realized that we have to get on a schedule and create a routine and hopefully this works for all of us. And a MAJOR factor in all of this is my attitude rubs off on her...if I am angry the performance continues, so if I come in calm she usually is calm also! 

I have created a schedule for the daytime as well because it plays such a vital role in bedtime! We now wake up earlier, take a nap earlier...with the hopes that by bedtime she is too tired to fight sleep! I am also proud of myself for creating a schedule and trying to be more consistent...I'm not strict like a Drill Sargent, I leave a little "wiggle room" but I started yesterday and today was our first full day but its been pretty good!! 

What is your bedtime routine? 

December 09, 2014

The Daily Schedule for a Stay At Home Mom...

Life has come with some major changes over the past few weeks, and although we (Darrick and I) had a chance to prepare for having new babies, Emma didnt get that chance. 

We are now feeling the "wrath" of a toddler dealing with a new baby (she only knows there is one right now even though we show her pics of her brother in the hospital), so I am pretty sure we will go through more "changes" with her once he is home...

If you follow my Facebook page or Instagram, you saw the question about my toddler having troubles going to sleep at night. This is very new for us because we have never had bedtime issues with Emma, but since there have been so many changes I think she uses this time to act out. In researching what to do for bedtime issues I learned how important it is to have a daily schedule. I understand that every day wont be the same, and especially with trying to make it to the hospital daily but I can create some type of schedule or routine.

I realized that although Emma was sleeping for about 12 hours a night, I should try to get her in bed earlier and wake her up earlier (basically change the hours in which she sleeps) here is our new schedule below

7am-Wake Emma Up
Brush Teeth & Get Dressed

8am- Breakfast
Mouth Exercises (Speech Exercises)

9am-10am- Play/Educational Time

10:30am- Snack

11am- Help Mommy with Chores

12pm- Lunch

12:30/12:45-1:30pm Nap-time/Quiet Time

2pm- Free Play

3pm- Snack

4pm- Free Play

5pm- Prep for Dinner/Family Time
I prep while she colors or plays on iPad
Clean Up Toys

6pm- Dinner

7pm Bedtime Routine
Read Book
Nighty Night Emma

Now there is room for deviation due to going to the hospital, appointments and anything else that may come up. But in a general sense this is our guideline for the day, I hope to always keep the mornings the same as well as evenings and bedtime. 

If you are a SAHM do you have a daily schedule or routine? 


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