September 06, 2014

{Product Review} NEW Huggies Little Snugglers

Diapers are a BIG DEAL in my family! We have one that is in her last stages of diapers and twins on the way! So I couldn't pass up the chance to try a review a new type of diapers; Huggies Little Snugglers.

My favorite part of the Huggies Little Snugglers was the Gentle Absorb Liner and the cushiony protection layer which makes the diapers super soft. I am all about the softness on the baby's skin, I mean after all who would want a diaper that doesn't feel like its hugging your skin. I found out early on the importance of a diapers softness and diapers that draw the mess away from the baby's skin; because my little one has super sensitive skin so this is something I am always looking for! 

Another a favorite of mine is the Wetness Indicator, a lot of times its hard to check a diapers wetness just by looking at it or feeling it. 

Other features of the Huggies Little Snugglers that I liked are the Umbilical Cord cut-out on the preemie and newborn diapers to help protect sensitive belly buttons! This helps a great deal when you are letting that area heal! The diapers also come with very flexible pocketed back waistband that helps keep in those runny messes and provides gentle but secure fit to the baby's waist. 

As you can see I purchased Huggies Little Snugglers at Target! Actually Target is one of my favorite places to purchase my babies necessities! The sizes are easy to find and they are always in stock with the variety of baby items I purchase at any give time! The sizes were readily available and I checked a couple times since I am usually in Target 2-3 times a week (don't judge me...I love that store)! 

If you are interested in purchasing the New! Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, they are available in grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide. They are available in 5 sizes Preemie (up to 6 lbs) through Size 3 (16-28 lbs).  Prices range from $11.99 for a Jumbo Pack and $22.99 for a Big Pack (diaper count varies based on diaper size).

**Also, if you are currently expecting or know someone that is expecting...if they have a Target Baby Registry and they include Huggies Little Snugglers and Natural Care Wipes to their registry list they can upload their link to the Huggies Register You Wish website and be entered to win a years supply of free diapers!!!!**

So do you think you will be trying Huggies Little Snugglers?
I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Huggies and Target. I received samples and a promotional item to facilitate my review.

September 05, 2014

{Product Review} Galaxy Note Pro

As part of the Verizon Wireless Midwest Blog Contributors, I was given the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 to review. I used the tablet for a couple of weeks before I completed my review because I wanted to see if I could really switch over or was I strictly an iPad user.

Well let me say this tablet is the BOMB!!! Honestly, I wish I could keep it! My husband is a hardcore Samsung fan, however, I only have a Samsung phone. But if I had this tablet I would switch in a heart beat! The first thing that caught my attention with the tablet is the clarity of the screen...OMG it is awesome it doesn't even look real! The tablet operates with a 12.2–inch full HD display (for more specs...check here).  I even had my mom test it out because she is in the market for a tablet for my dad! 

I was given a few pregnancy apps to try out on the tablet, some of the apps I was already familiar and some were new to me! 

Apps that were recommended for me to try...

The tablet is a little large in size but its not heavy at all , the largeness made me a little hesitant to use it at first but I got familiar with it quickly! I love using tablets, but I usually use my laptop when it comes to doing work. However, this tablet made you feel as if you were already using a laptop since it has a full size keyboard so I found myself using the tablet over my laptop. Since I am pregnant I would rest it on my belly, put my feet up and use the tablet as if I was using a laptop! 

Besides the clarity of the screen and the full size keyboard I fell in love with the speed! We have a lot of electronics linked to our Wi-Fi at my house, but I never encountered any speed problems while using the Galaxy Note Pro! 

I also checked out a few reviews to see what others were saying about the tablet and a lot of reviews talked about the size being too big. I personally loved the size of the tablet and all that it is capable of. I think this may actually be on my husbands Christmas list because I actually had to pry it from his hands in order to use it enough to review it. I would love having one of these in my family, especially when traveling I would take this before taking a laptop because of its lightweight and other capabilities. 

I would HIGHLY recommend this tablet to anyone in the market for a new tablet! 

September 02, 2014

Hello September...

I know we are past the half way mark of the year but September starts a season that I LOVE! I love the changes with the weather (Fall coming In), I love Football Season (as if you didnt already know), and I love the overall cozy feeling of the last portion of the year! 

If you have been a long-time reader of The Green Eyed Lady Blog you have probably been wondering where I have been this year. Besides having twins on the way, there have been a lot of changes in the Godbott Family! 

At the beginning of the year Darrick and I decided to move in with my parents. Everything fell behind at the end of last year when we had a miscarriage. It took an emotional toll on Darrick and myself (it affects the man just as much as the woman...however, they don't always admit it because they are being strong for us). Not really a decision we loved, but we were very grateful to have a place to go while we got back on our feet! This was the 1st hurdle of the year.

Coming into the year we knew there was going to be a big change in income due to Darrick's job moving to Kentucky. We planned for the "BIG TRANSITION" to happen in June when they closed their doors...however, things changed in April. Darrick received his notice of his last day which was going to be two weeks away at the time...since we had a lot going on he opted to leave a little early. However, a day or two after signing his paperwork he went into work and they told him his last day was Friday of the current week. This was hurdle #2...he received severance but if you know men you know this isn't stable for a man providing for his family. But we prayed and said we will make it work! He started back working again in July, but he knew it was only temporary because he hated the place and there were a lot of racial issues. Staying prayerful we started looking again and I sent him a job posting I found, he applied and started working there last week and he LOVES it! He is working as a Rubber he gets to work in the lab and in an office...and its 1st shift (this was my #1 mandated weekends but he can do all the overtime he wants, which is a good thing especially when you love going to work). He told me the other day that he has never been able to say I love going to I count it all as a blessing! 

In between the changes with the job and moving we found out we were pregnant! I thought since this is my third pregnancy I was showing early but at my first ultrasound we found out we have twins coming! And later we found out we have twin boys coming...crazy how God works things out! Although we are grateful and wish we were back living in our own place we have extra hands to help on this journey of bringing twins into the world. Lord knows we are going to need the I just count it as Him putting us in a position to receive the help we need until I can handle them on my own during the day until Darrick gets off!

Emma had surgery in July to help with her speech and she has been doing excellent! Surgery was successful and everyday we see small improvements, now if only I can get her to open up more with the therapist we will be doing good!

As we head into the end of the year we are prepping for the coming of the twins, and prepping Emma for preschool in February. Potty training is at the top of the list, and making sure we all have everything week need for the hospital. I have been making sure Emma's wardrobe is ready so when I go into the hospital my mom and sister wont have to worry much about her clothes! 

I debated with myself on whether to share all of this but I have been sharing so much over the past few years I  said why not! You never know who you may be able to help by sharing your own testimony! 

August 13, 2014

Semi-Wordless Wednesdays: Celebrity Bump Watch

Seems like every-time (well I have only been pregnant 3 times...LOL) I have been pregnant there are always a TON of celebrities pregnant at the same time! Well anyways I am loving looking at everyone's bump style and the pics that I see online! These aren't all of the celebrities that are currently pregnant...just a few that I follow! 

Zoe Saldana

Kelly Rowland

Alicia Keys

Alyssa Milano

Kourtney Kardashian

Chelsea Clinton

Savannah James

Pics from here and here

Do you follow pregnant celebs when you are pregnant? Or anytime?


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