October 27, 2014

New Additions to #TeamGodbott

Last Thursday we welcomed the newest members of #TeamGodbott; Darrick II and Douglass James!

I was told to be at Labor and Delivery at 5:30am...and although I was very nervous we were there on time and ready to meet our sons! For many that follow me on Facebook and IG know that there were complications with one of the twins; so instead of making this a birthing story I will explain in a little more detail exactly what’s going on...

Darrick II was born first and he was the one born with complications. We found out at birth that he has a hernia in his diaphragm and a some heart problems. So basically a congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) occurs when the thin muscle that separates the chest from the belly, called the diaphragm, does not form completely. This leaves a hole between the belly (abdomen) and chest.  With the hole organs that should be in the belly can slip through the hole into the chest. The intestines slip through most often. Other organs that can slip through are the stomach, liver, spleen, and, once in a while, the kidneys (but these organs did not slip through on Darrick...just his intestines). Along with all of this going on he has some heart issues too.

As of right now he is in critical but stable condition in the NICU. He has actually made some excellent process over the past couple days and as of right now if he is still stable they want do surgery next week.

Douglass James was born second and he is doing well. He was able to stay with us in the hospital room, and was discharged when I was discharged from the hospital. Douglass has been my learning baby...since Emma and Darrick were both placed in the NICU immediately after they were born I never had chance to have my baby with me right away. So he has his own special place like the other two (my three miracles)! This has been a learning experience to say the least; I have learned all about breastfeeding, and supplementing with formula. Making a decision on how to feed my child rather than someone telling how to do everything, which is a big step in my book! I have also learned how tired one can be from "feedings/pumping" that occur every 90 minutes to 2 hours (so I am up every couple of hours at night, Emma slept through the night...and every once in a while she would wake up hungry). My real wake up call was when Darrick went back to work and although I have help during the day...raising two kids is tiring; however, even with being tired I am anticipating the day of bringing home Darrick II!

Emma...well all of this is going on, Little Miss Emma has gone from being the only child to being a big sister. The first night at home was rough...she screamed for a while before falling asleep. And if you know Emma, she's not really a crier at all but her personality has changed a lot in the last couple of weeks (her changes started to occur before I had the twins). She seems like she is adjusting, but she will "try-it and you" just because! We have noticed that she doesn't like the baby crying and she will come and find an adult if he is crying. She is VERY territorial with her Dad, so if he is holding the baby he usually has to make room for her too! For the visitors we have had, she usually will grab them and take them over to her brother who is usually in a carseat or bouncer chair and do her version of an introduction. She also will go over to him to check on him and she sings, gives him kisses...we just have to remind her to be gentle! Now don't get me wrong she's always been sweet; but her stubbornness is at an all time HIGH! When it comes to someone talking to her, she will ignore you from time to time or try the screaming tantrum...so lets just say we have been working with her a lot (I refuse to have that tantrum child)!

How Am I...this the question that everyone has been asking! Well to be completely honest...Im heartbroken! I am thankful for my other two children who are healthy, however, the situation with Darrick II is taking a toll on me. When I was pregnant with Emma and we found out she had a cleft lip I had time to process everything; but with Darrick it has been a whirlwind! Everything has happened so fast...I know God has a plan but its been hard. I haven't given up faith but its been hard to find that spot of motivation!  I try to hold on to our small victories; such as the decrease in his medicine, Darrick gripping my hand when I put it in the incubator, the nurse telling me he had an awesome night when I called to check on him in the morning...I even found information online and the end says its a long road but most kids go on and have no problems later in life...I hold on to stuff like that! But life has changed once again, and I cant say it has changed like I planned...but I guess I keep getting that lesson from God to let Him do the planning! 

My Husband...well if you follow me on Instagram you will see the tribute that I sent to him! I cant say enough good things about him...he has been a trooper! Definitely been the rock of this family; holding us all together even when you could tell he was in pain himself! I check on him, but really he is the one holding us together! Constantly giving me a word of encouragement when I break down, talking to doctors and nurses...he has been nothing short of AMAZING!!! 

I just please ask that you keep us in your prayers...especially Darrick II! He's a fighter but as he is on this journey he will need your prayers! Who am I kidding...we will all need your prayers! 

October 09, 2014

Report to Labor & Delivery...

Monday was my last appointment with my doctor and I was told to report to L&D next Thursday. While most would be extremely happy, I am happy but also filled with a bunch of emotions. I actually cried in the doctors office, followed by crying when I got home. I dont know if I am just scared of the process again, or I cant believe its already time, or that this is my last pregnancy because I am getting my tubes tied, or that I am nervous about becoming a mom all over again...I dont know! What I do know is that I am on BIG ball of emotions right now! 

Am I the only one that has been emotional since my pregnancy is coming to and end and I'm getting ready to meet my little guys!

Im super excited to meet my little guys! And what seemed so far away is now so close! 

I haven't done an update in a while on them, so let me fill you in...

**My Shadow and I...**

How Far Along? 35 weeks

Size of the Babies? In my last growth scan both babies were close to 6lbs a piece. Pretty big for some twins! So on top of the water weight I am carrying over 13lbs in baby! Jesus!!! LOL!!

Maternity Clothes? Yes, I am growing out of my maternity clothes...uhh ohhh because Im not buying anymore. Thank God for a big husband...I usually stretch out his t-shirts! 

Weight Gain? I stopped counting! Week before last I gained 4lbs between Monday's appointment and Friday's Appointment...after that I didn't want to know anymore

Stretch Marks?  On my Belly only

Gender? Boys

Names? Darrick Vati II and Douglas James

Sleep? I still only sleep for about 2 hours at a time! 

Cravings?  Sweets (Cookies and Ice Cream, and Candy Corn...but not together)

Belly Button? Innie

Best Moment? Showing Emma her brothers face on the Ultrasound and she says...Awwww :)
And another great moment was seeing Baby A's face...looks like he is going to look like his Mama (well from the ultrasound) hopefully they stick with the plan to look like me, since Emma is a spitting image of her Dad! 

So this is probably the last update you will get on the boys! Unless I have something to share early next week! Other than that I will be headed to L&D next week. 

Keep us in your prayers...

October 08, 2014

{Product Review: I See Me! Inc. Books} Emma's Farm Friends

First let me start by saying how much I LOVE this book!!! 

I love the how the book is personalized, and I love the Farm theme! The reason I am so in love with this book is because in speech therapy we are currently working on Animal sounds, and the farm theme falls right in line that. And having her picture on each page as the farmer is a BONUS!!! 

I was approached by a representative from I See Me! Inc. to review one of their personalized books. When we were in talks of reviewing the book I had to email a picture of my daughter to them and they would use it for her book. 

I was amazed when I got the book in the mail! I showed it to all of my family; I kind of received weird looks "like why are you showing me a children's book"...but once they noticed Emma's picture they fell in love with the book like I did! LOL! 

I SEE ME! Inc. specializes in personalized items. Items such as; Personalized Children’s books (ex. personalized farm bookpersonalized stickers), LunchboxesPuzzlesColoringBooksPlacematsStickers  and GrowthCharts,  unique gifts and personalized gifts  

Something for everyone and every occasion! With the Holiday's coming up please keep their items in mind for your little ones!! 

Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/iseemebooks/     #iseemebooks
Email promos/discounts and updates:  http://www.iseeme.com/preference-center.html

October 06, 2014

Pregnancy Favorites...

When it comes to pregnancy every woman is different. Some of the things I like may turn another woman off and vice versa. I thought I would share some of my must have items that made my life a little bit easier...

Preggo Pops

I found these when I was pregnant with Emma and I had morning sickness/nausea from time to time. With this pregnancy my morning sickness was so severe that I was willing to try anything to help. I would usually keep these in my purse so when I felt sick I could eat one! 

Crossbody Purse

Betsey Johnson Be Mine Crossbody Leopard Satchel

Now from time to time I switch from carrying a bag to wearing a crossbody bag. Ever since I started carrying a purse I would go through periods were they would get on my nerves. And this time is no different, I am carrying so much extra weight on my body that I just didnt want to carry a purse too. But what woman can give up carrying a bag altogether...so I went to one of my favorites a crossbody bag! Even though I own a ton of crossbody bags I found a new one to add to my collection...many probably wouldve opted for a neutral bag to carry with everything. 

But as the saying goes...

Yoga Pants
Since I am a SAHM I wanted to be comfortable at home and out when I had to run errands during the day. I had a pair of Yoga Pants that I would wear around the house and on weekends from Target. Since I started showing immediately they were the only thing I could fit and be comfortable. So I stocked up (I actually dont want to see another pair of yoga pants after I have these babies) when they would ran a sale. I will probably wear them home from the hospital because I can fit them and they arent tight. 

Also a perk of these pants is they doubled as the PERFECT maternity pant. The part you usually fold down, I pulled up and it went over my belly just like a full panel maternity pant.

Cacique Panties

When I was pregnant with Emma I had a gift-card I had to use at Lane Bryant and I purchased some panties. And I have honestly been hooked ever since, these are some of the BEST panties I have ever had. I know the maternity store says they sale plus size panties, but if you are big like I am at the moment you need the real deal...I suggest you go to Lane Bryant! I went up a couple of sizes and they fit great around my belly! 

New Balance Sneakers

While walking in the mall I had on a pair of flip flops and my feet were killing me. My husband and I stopped in a shoe store and I picked these out. Since being pregnant and being swollen, I couldnt fit any of my shoes. I am currently wearing a size 10 and these were the only cute sneakers I could find that I knew I would be able to wear the entire time. But aside from being cute, they are SOOOOOOO comfortable! 

I must admit dressing for pregnancy the 1st time is hard. You have to basically buy a wardrobe for being pregnant. But the second time around if you keep those clothes from the first pregnancy and add a few odds and ends then it works out pretty good for you. I have lots of shirts from my first pregnancy that I wore in the beginning, now that I am going towards the end everything is little but thats okay because soon I will be back in my regular clothes (hopefully)! 

These are a few of the things that have gotten me through this pregnancy. Do you have any items that helped make pregnancy easier for you? Or something you had to have (not cravings, but like material items)? 


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