August 13, 2014

Semi-Wordless Wednesdays: Celebrity Bump Watch

Seems like every-time (well I have only been pregnant 3 times...LOL) I have been pregnant there are always a TON of celebrities pregnant at the same time! Well anyways I am loving looking at everyone's bump style and the pics that I see online! These aren't all of the celebrities that are currently pregnant...just a few that I follow! 

Zoe Saldana

Kelly Rowland

Alicia Keys

Alyssa Milano

Kourtney Kardashian

Chelsea Clinton

Savannah James

Pics from here and here

Do you follow pregnant celebs when you are pregnant? Or anytime?

August 11, 2014

Twin Pregnancy VS. Singleton Pregnancy...


I have written a few post about being pregnant with twins but it has mainly been updates on my pregnancy. I decided to switch it up a bit and write about some of the differences in being pregnant with twins versus a singleton pregnancy. 

So lets jump right in...

Doctors Appointments...when I was pregnant with Emma I would go to the doctor every month up until the end when I started going weekly. Even with finding out she was going to be born with a cleft lip, nothing changed in the amount of appointments I had. This time around I am at the doctors ALL THE TIME! I went earlier this week, and everything was good. The babies are growing, however, Baby B is weighing 1 lb 14 oz and Baby A is 1 lb 8 oz; to us that's not a big difference but in the world of twins the difference is 19% and they don't like the twins being 20% in difference in size because they want to make sure one baby isn't taking the nutrients from the other baby since they share a placenta. So I received a call stating that I am now required to come for weekly ultrasounds so they can keep a close eye on their growth. 

Aches and Pains...with Emma I had regular aches and pains nothing too serious. Actually I didn't have much pain until the end because she was a big baby (yes...she was a 9lb baby...I miss her all her chunky goodness). Well this time around I have all over aches and pains...I have lots of pressure in the bottom of my stomach, and lots of vagina pain. Yes, you read that right (we are all adults) my lower region hurts...on a daily basis its hard to move from side to side in the bed, or get up and sit down because I have so much pressure in my lower region! Occasionally, it goes away but for the most part this symptom sticks with me at all even hurts to walk at times. 

Another part of my "pains" includes my feet swelling...JESUS my feet look like sausages at times. I noticed once I got to 25 weeks they stay swollen, I put them up but sometimes the swelling just doesn't go away. Early in my pregnancy I noticed that many of my shoes weren't fitting so I have now gone up to a size 10 in shoes...I sure hope they go back to regular size because I have lots of shoes that need to be worn after I have the babies. However, even with my feet swelling I was a little worried that maybe my blood pressure had gone up but I was told at my last appointment that I had excellent blood pressure! THANK YOU JESUS!!! 

Anticipating their Arrival...with Emma I carried her 40 weeks and 2 days. The ladies in my family have a history of carrying to term and usually going over, and I pretty much followed that path with Emma. I was told that I would be delivering around 36-37 weeks (which is full-term for twins), no matter if they are ready or not. Since I had cesarean with Emma I will have a scheduled one this time around unless they decide they want to come sooner! I have read lots of stories about twins coming after 25 weeks and since I am now 26 weeks I am playing it safe...if I am tired I rest, I am taking this time to listen to my body because I would like to let them bake until 37 weeks hopefully. With twins since everything is so different...I have already started working on my hospital bag and their bag. 

Movements/Kicks and Ultrasounds...I have to admit this is one of the best parts of being pregnant with twins. It amazes me to feel the movements and kicks on a daily basis, I drank an orange pop at a church function because that was the only thing left to drink and they went wild! I was amazed as if this was the first time I was pregnant! LOL! I usually feel movements on each side of my stomach...and sometimes they are close to the same areas so I guess that means they are positioned close to each other. 

Ultrasounds are amazing to see while being pregnant with twins! On one of them, Baby B had his arm around Baby A, then on another ultrasound they were cuddled up in a ball together (in a spooning position)...we are amazed at all the things they are up to in there! 

WATER, WATER, of the first things I read when I found out I was pregnant with twins was to drink LOTS of water. Some sources say a gallon a day...I try my hardest to drink as much as I can! I have a bottle that I carry around with me daily to try to get in my gallon I usually fall a little short but I come close! Being dehydrated is known to be one of the common causes of preterm labor when you are pregnant with I do my BEST to stay on top of my water intake! 

THICK SKIN...Having a thick skin is already something many pregnant women have in order to deal with the comments they receive on a daily basis. If you are pregnant with one baby and you are big then you get all kinds of comments about "are you sure it isn't twins"...well being pregnant with twins makes the comments even worse. Usually you start showing very early as I was like I found out I was pregnant one day and showing the next. Well I have heard all kinds of comments about how I look like I am ready any day, to I wonder how much bigger you can get. Most comments I take in stride (as I think most people just don't know what to say...but in private some have made me cry)! I am VERY thankful for women who have taken the time to tell me how beautiful I look because I don't feel very beautiful right now. But as always I think if you don't know what to say, or you don't have something nice to probably shouldn't say anything at all! 

I think I covered a chunk of the differences that I have noticed in being pregnant with twins versus a singleton pregnancy! Overall...many of my symptoms take A LOT out of me, but it is truly a blessing to be blessed with a baby but especially with twins...I can't wait until they get here! 

August 07, 2014

Trying Something New (Uncommon Marriage)...

The other day I posted a pic of the book "Uncommon Marriage" by Tony & Lauren Dungy on Instagram and Facebook...

For some time now Darrick and I have talked about reading and studying together as a couple. We have both read books on bettering ourselves individually and we will sit and talk about the books but we have never read and studied together. Darrick is a big fan of Tony Dungy and his other books, and he suggested this book. We actually talked about doing this a while ago...Darrick had been reading the book on his tablet but I waited and ordered the actual book (hey, I like old school reading...give me a book in my hand please). Finally I ordered it and started reading and haven't put the book down, I have even surpassed him in reading! 

I couldn't summarize the book on my own so below is the description of the book via Amazon...

"What does it take to build a marriage that will last? Tony and Lauren Dungy have together known the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. They fell in love, built a family, and made sports history when Tony became the first African American head coach to win the Super Bowl. Yet they’ve also gone through difficult, relationship-testing setbacks, including job loss and devastating personal tragedy. In a culture where it seems harder and harder to make marriage last, what has kept the Dungys strong through it all? In Uncommon Marriage, Tony and Lauren share the secrets that hold them together, revealing what they’ve learned so far about being a good husband or wife; getting through times of loss, grief, or change; staying connected despite busy schedules; supporting each other’s dreams and goals; and helping each other grow spiritually. They offer encouragement and practical advice to equip your marriage to survive tough issues and flourish with joy, purpose, and partnership—in other words, to be a marriage that is truly uncommon."

I mean does this summary not make you want to buy the book immediately! Actually I was going to wait until we finished before I talked about the book but I couldn't wait...I told Darrick I don't usually read the Introduction of books (don't ask why...I guess Im just weird)...he started the book already and he said don't skip it, its really good! I followed his lead and I must admit he was right! From the Introduction through the first couple of chapters this book is AWESOME! 

I ordered the Bible Study book that compliments the actual book and we had our first actual Bible Study earlier this week. It was nice and I can't wait to have our next one! Darrick and I had the chance to address some things that have changed in our relationship that we want to get back to, we talked about different situations then came up with a plan going forward. I was surprised that we enjoyed it as much as we did! 

It's crazy because men don't usually express themselves as freely as women do but after reading and talking about the questions we both had a chance to open up and talk about our relationship...and ever since then we have noticed a change in both us. I am looking forward to our next Bible Study together...

Do you participate in any Bible Studies? Couples Bible Study? Mom/Parents Bible Study??
If so, what books are you currently reading? 

July 29, 2014

{Product Review} Fit Bit Flex

I had the pleasure to review the Fit Bit Flex as part of being a Verizon Wireless Midwest Contributor. 

Let me give you a little background info on exactly what the Flex is...its a wristband that tracks steps, distance, and calories burned (this is tracked during the day), and at night it tracks your sleep and also serves as a wake up device in the morning. 

I thought this was pretty cool because right now my fitness routine is null & void since I am pregnant with twins. Walking is a chore right now because I am constantly in pain in my lower stomach area...however, I was surprised by the amount of walking that it tracked from day to day; especially on days when I had doctor appointments. 

When I was asked to review the Flex I stated that I was going to use it more for tracking my sleep. When I slept and looked the next day I clearly wasn't meeting my goal for sleeping, but that wasn't surprising because I am constantly up off and on all night for either a bathroom break or just simply being uncomfortable. 

So what did I think about the Fit Bit Flex...

Wearing the Fit Bit Flex

Overall, I think its good if you are interested in fitness. Even though I kept track of my sleep, I felt it was more beneficial for fitness purposes. I liked the feature of calories burned and the walking distance and steps tracker. The bracelet came in two sizes...I wore the larger of the bracelets, it was a little hard to get used to but after a while I didn't notice it on my arm anymore. I was going to use it more tracking my sleep...I didn't really care for this feature too much. I thought it would automatically track my sleep patterns by a movement or times but I had to go into the app each time and put in the system that I was going to sleep (which with pregnancy brain I often forgot to do). 

**I received no compensation for this post, only a product for review**
All opinions are 100% my own.


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