Thursday Thoughts…


  We have been going to a bunch of appointments for Emma because she is in need of another set of tubes for her ears. She is hearing at 50-60% and has fluid in her ears, so they are going to try a more permanent set of tubes. She has never had tubes alone, she […]



Yesterday when we walked in the elementary school for Emma’s In-Class Observation I realized that I wasn’t nervous but I was also very fearful. I was fearful of how she would react to the teachers and therapist, the children and how they would react to her as well as how she would react to them, […]

Bity Bean Baby Carrier {Product Review}


I have been wanting to be a “Baby Wearing Mom” since FOREVER! After the passing of Darrick II, and being around family…Douglass became SUPER spoiled! He always wants someone to hold him, and being the good mom that I am I usually comply with the request (LOL…I kid, I kid)! No but seriously Douglass became used […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


  Happy Valentine’s Day!! This year my valentine’s are my family! Darrick, Emma & Douglass…and Darrick (even though he isnt with us physically)! All week I have been writing this post for Valentine’s Day…but nothing felt right! Today I was in the car with my children, my niece and nephew and I couldn’t help but feel the […]